Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kinoautomat, a 1967 film by Czechoslovakian director Radúz Činčera, was the first to allow the audience to change the course of a film with the press

It’s only the first week back, and I feel surrounded by a homely chaos. I have two papers due next week, numerous emails I need to be sending even as I type this, homework to read through for tomorrow and Friday, books that need to be bought, practices to plan, a National Colloquium team to organize, and probably twenty other things that have entirely gone out to lunch for the moment. (Such as needing to get my paperwork updated for continuing as a German tutor; good thing I can take note of all of this at the moment instead of just forgetting it all!)

One sincere plus of today is the rain we got, however little it was, since we’ve had barely anything worth mention for nearly two months now. I still needed to water my plants this morning, as several of them had soil that was dried rather more than I was hoping it would have by now. (Bother with aridity and heat and such.)

German Word: Ich bin heute ziemlich beschaeftigt! I’m fairly busy today!


A room with a view!

This is just about the messiest I want the room to get. Just about. Maybe a little more.

I only brought the bare minimum when it comes to me having tea. Really.

The new stairs and walkway and fancy wall too tall and awkward to sit on are complete!! I add this shot to my “collection” of shots exactly like this save in different seasons. Yeah, I’m cool and obviously original like that.

Next week I will perhaps I will spend some time talking about my National Colloquium project. Until then, tschuess!


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