Thursday, March 1, 2007

Schmidt's, a German Restaurant founded in 1886 in Columbus, Offers an 'Autobahn Buffet'

This week was crazy!! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I had plenty of reading for the whole first half of the week, and although I love updating my blog, being prepared for a class discussion overruled updating. Monday started the madness with the addition of the honours dinner to my schedule. I milled about in the humanities room being as helpful as a German major can be to such possible majors as theatre and art. (I still reserved hope that a German major would wander in, though one never appeared!) I had about an hour between this and my evening class with Dr. Olmstead, so I spent it with my German homework in the library, making the pages brighter and more exciting with every highlighted word. Tuesday was better class wise; though preparing the reading for Wednesday caused a slight loss in sanity!!
I thought that I could possibly take a breather and catch up on sleep Wednesday evening, but, contrary to this hope, I volunteered myself to deliver pizzas for MARRCA. The pizza shop in Welch allows clubs to deliver pizzas for a night in order to gain funds, and Sword needed volunteers, so, seeing as how Sword club has me quite thoroughly whipped, I signed up to deliver with Michele from 9 to midnight. We’re running for co-presidency of the club this year and were planning to use the time to narrow down our plans for our day of having control of practice to show members how it might feel to have us in control, but, due to constantly running between Welch and Stuy and our random conversations, next to nothing got done on that end of things. We have until Tuesday, though, and we’re narrowing down ideas rather than coming up with them, so no worries there! Overall, it was a blast, and everyone we delivered to was happy to see us. (Perhaps hunger had something to do with this…but I jest; people here are very nice!!)
And so, wearied by quizzes and chapters of homework, the adventure arrives on Thursday, my day of relative rest. Lack of sleep still fairly apparent, I enjoyed a giddy state of being most of the day, and a special shout-out goes to tea again for staving off illness, one of the top enemies of college students the world over!! I still attended Sword today despite the rain, though, but I feel the Naked fruit juice I had at Stammtisch makes up for any ill-will the weather may have had towards me. I enjoyed myself, and no one fell on the wide expanses of mud lodged neatly between the ice, so I mark it a successful practice. Arriving at Stammtisch rather damp, it was nice to join the table to warm up and munch a tasty salad. Sadly, Herr Kremling will be headed back to Mexico in the very near future, so his proverbially reserved seat will remain vacant, save the little index card with “Professor Kremling” scrawled upon it in looping script that indicates that a place is indeed always there for him, if only in our hearts and minds!
And, before I nearly forget(which I nearly did!), my birthday was Sunday, so my parents took me to one of my favourite restaurants in Columbus, Schmidt’s, Saturday night. It’s German, and the food there is excellent. Columbus, being the main major city that students have access to, is often driven to when the need to shop or just get out of Delaware for a bit strikes. German Village, a section of Columbus, should be on the list of places for any student here to see if (s)he hasn’t done so already; the history and feel of the area is great. (I feel like I should know; I’ve been on the tour of the area three times with my high school German courses!) Sunday night I returned to attend “The Triplet’s Birthday Party” as my good friend Shannon dubbed it; Shannon, Amy Beth, and I have our birthdays very close to one another, so we decided to throw on birthday party, which happened to fall on my actual birthday. As fate would have it, I hosted a prospective student that night as well, so Emily got to attend the madness as well.

German Phrase of the Day:
Alles Gutes zum Geburtstag! (all ess + goot ess + zoom + geh boorts tog)
What do these clumps of letters mean? “Happy birthday!” or, in an extremely direct sense, “all good to the birthday!”

And now for a mad clumping of pictures from Columbus and The Triplet’s Birthday Party respectively!!