Sunday, August 10, 2008

When cast into his role for the Monkees TV show, Mickey Dolenz had to take lessons to mime drum playing convincingly

Mount Vernon had their Dan Emmett Days again, but this year I was unfortunately less than thrilled. Mickey Dolenz of Monkees fame graced the stage with his preseance, but he seems a shadow of what fame he once held. His performance felt very rehearsed, and rather than having a good time, he seemed only to want to name-drop all the big-names of yesteryear and some of today. The show would not be worth mention had his sister Coco not taken the stage; the first song she sang was perfect for her voice, and was the best of the show (well, the part I saw before leaving, anyway.) She sang another song, though it was not a good choice for her voice, but she still managed to entertain more than Mickey. Maybe something better next time around.

German Word: In English, if one were to say “I have an earworm.” Those around one would most likely think one either very eccentric or more than a bit off. In German, however, “Ich habe einen Ohrwurm ” is about the same as saying one has a song stuck in his/her head.


At least I got this shot that somehow makes Mickey look pretty cool. What’s he hiding under that hat he wears all the time, anyway?

I have lots of excuses for how bad these shots are.


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