Wednesday, August 20, 2008

There is a species of lizards in South Africa that may be able to count as high as 6

Just a few more days, and classes at OWU will be off to yet another roaring start. Until then I have plenty to keep me occupied; I’ve been working until 5-ish every day, and I’ve packed next to nothing for moving in this weekend. I’ll at least have Thursday off, and perhaps Friday, depending how things work out, so hopefully that will suffice for packing and getting those last cups of tea in with my oma before I’m off. I also need to get a few club things in order; since I’m this year’s MARRCA president, I need to email the other executives to plan our first meeting, how we’ll deal with the club fair, and a few other things. I also need to spruce up our club poster, which needs some updating and love to show how awesome MARRCA truly is.
Beyond that it’s mostly been mundane garden care due to this outstandingly dry weather we’ve been having; I find it sickening every time I hear the local weather man announce yet another “beautiful” day. How a dreadfully hot day after a long string of dreadfully hot days is beautiful, I may never know. I would take a rainy day any time.

German Word: A sonnig(sunny) day is usually considered schoen(pretty), but I’d take a day that’s verregnet(rainy) any time.

In place of pictures, a “packing for OWU” music mix for your listening pleasure:

Eurythmics- Sweet Dreams (are made of this)
Corey Hart- I Wear My Sunglasses at Night
Electric Light Orchestra- Roll Over Beethoven
Die Prinzen- Millionaer
Dave Gahan - Kingdom
Ryohei- the LIGHT
Daft Punk- Digital Love

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