Friday, September 5, 2008

Dylan Thomas enjoyed frequenting several pubs, including the White Horse Tavern, The Mermaid, the Antelope, amongst others

It’s probably bad to be going insane in just the second week! Once things get moving along at a better pace, they should be easier to deal with without me losing my mind. Until October is over, however, my schedule is less than pretty. (Although I’m slightly sure that this idea is only my naïve way of telling myself things will get better soon.) At least I have a steadily solidifying plan for my National Colloquium project! I plan to make OWU literally greener with my group, working to get more perennial plants, better bush care and pruning, and, of course, more trees. I also hope to work with some of the other groups, particularly the one wishing to work on collecting rainwater from the roofs. The current plants on campus rely entirely on the weather for their water now, and, in times of drought such as this summer, that can often lead to many of them dying, particularly some of the trees put in just last spring. Thusly, I want to somehow use the collected rainwater to help the plants out.

Other than that, I’ve dipped my hand into many a sinister soup this semester. MARRCA is doing well, and we need to buy more swords for the club already. This will be interesting, as our treasurer is in Spain. I’m joining the Modern Foreign Language Student Board and trying to help out with the horticulture club, too. Trying to keep all of the times straight along with my classes will and has been interesting… beware the troubles of getting into too many things! It seems innocent enough at first, but it soon creeps up on one!

German Word: In my German course, we’re seeing films. We’ve watched Der blaue Engel (The Blue Angel) and will be watching M on Sunday. Ich schaue Filme gern! “I like watching movies!”

The Delaware fair had the annual parade, by the way!


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