Friday, August 1, 2008

According to recent data, 1,307 Americans die annually by falling down stairs, ranking it highest in this sort of mortality

Nothing terribly exciting this week; I went to work for Star Turbines moving around filing boxes with dust roughly as old as I am on them and ran around the Polaris area in a mad search for a ring my mother’s been wanting for her birthday present. One shopping experience later, and it’s in the mail. (A little late, but it’s only in part a gift from me, and my other items are on-time, so I don’t feel bad about it.) Classes lurk just around the corner, and I’ve started thinking more on what I want to drag back to the uni with me, how it will work with my roommate, and if there are things that I can hold off bringing until it’s colder and we’re more settled. (I’m still not sure if I want to haul a six-foot tall papyrus plant up three flights of stairs for a winter home. I’ll just have to see how heavy it is in its new pot, and how much room we end up having, I guess.)

German Word: I would recommend ambling around the OWU campus. One way to say “to amble” is zotteln. Heute zotteln wir um OWU! (Today we’re ambling around OWU!)

More from my trip around campus during the carshow; mostly a tour of a few pretty spots a visitor to OWU might consider that are not necessarily on main campus. (Meaning right around the dorms and academic area that tours usually cover. Off the beaten tour path, shall we say.)

I love this plant. I have no idea what it is, though I think it *might* be related to hydrangea (a.k.a. “hat plant”, see the 1960s for details.) They’re in several locations around campus, but this one is right next to the admissions office. So pretty whilst in bloom.

Day lilies are a staple of simple, beautiful gardening, I think. They were looking cheery along the J walk despite being entirely ignored by passersby.

This lovely little garden has more blooms in it than one would expect. It even has an herb section that is rather impressive! (The dill is insane and is probably six or seven feet tall!) Beautiful, and a nice resting spot or place to clear one’s mind near Austin Manor.

I couldn’t resist taking a few shots of the different plants featured.

Another little garden I adore; this one obviously belongs to one of the local churches (hence the cross incorporated into the architecture.) It’s a beautiful little spot, with the lushes, greenest, most inviting grass. Several well-tended Japanese maples, a small waterfall, and other elements work together to make this a peaceful, harmonious memorial garden. It’s always exciting to walk around Delaware and find these ‘hidden’ nooks and enjoy the experiences they offer.

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