Friday, December 22, 2006

Leeches Have Mouths With Three Sets of Jaws and Between Sixty and One Hundred Teeth

Wow, this week has been packed full of excitement that was stuffed with a clam bake consisting mostly of dynamite and a fair share of grenades and motion-detector mines. Exams have to be the craziest first-time experience at college, especially if one has one in four classes. I have my Folklore exam in all of 25 minutes, so I thought I’d type the first half of an action-packed entry before running off to have breakfast with a few friends, swinging swords about, and acting rather foolish. It’s going to be an outstanding time. J
Back from the exam, hours later, and for the reader no time at all has passed! (That whole time concept has always intrigued me! I unfortunately missed out on the Time tutorial this fall, but my good friend Jubal had it, so maybe she could help enlighten me on the subject!) I’ve never had such a fun exam, with everyone talking about all sorts of things! My group had all sorts of subjects that we discussed the folklore of, ranging from a family’s thanksgiving traditions to folklore in film! Over all it was a rather interesting and unique approach technique to giving an exam! (Being the first to present to the teacher doesn’t help nerves, though, let me tell you! I had no idea where to start.)
Packing up for break is a bit of a bother! I have no idea what to do with an entire month of being away from here; what to bring home? What to leave?
At least I’ve had time to fit in all sorts of FUN(!) and EXCITING(!) things just before leaving! Shannon popped over several times this past week to watch some films, which was beyond outstanding. We saw Love Actually and Finding Nemo, neither of which I’d ever seen before. Very enjoyable, and a great stress reliever when those exams were beginning to loom! The smoothie party our neighbor Whitney held was also outstanding, and hopefully will become a weekly tradition! I also had time to put together a small Venture Brothers season 1 marathon with the one other fan I have managed to locate on campus. Go team Venture! Any idea how cool it is to spot an old high school chum while en route to sell some class books and buy some tea? It’s outstanding, especially when you get to talk with both her and your other high school friend that you never seem to see on campus(Jubal!) We did the standard catching-up thing, traveled about the bookstore for a bit, and I got rather excited that the bookstore bought all but one of the books I wanted to sell! And what’s wrong with a spare copy of Hamlet anyway?
Last, but most certainly NOT least, Abigail, my lovely roommate, bought me an amusing piece of vintage “fashion” as a holiday gift. It’s a small, obnoxiously fuschia-esq ‘hat’ that grips the skull. 1960’s, I think, but don’t hold me to that. I’ll post some pictures as soon as I have some, for this is one style that I certainly must bring back, if only for Abigail. Thank you again, Abs!

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