Sunday, January 7, 2007

Klaus Nomi Came From Outer Space to Save the Human Race

The last week until break is over looms… the final countdown! Grades are in, and I hope no one has gotten any nasty New Year’s surprises via the post! A whole new year is upon us, so cue the dramatic music, start the parades, and get the fellow with the tuba out front and playing. A lot of people like making resolutions, but I’ve never been that good at remembering to, so maybe I should give it a shot this year. I resolve to have a New Year’s Resolution! Suggestions appreciated!
I hope everyone is enjoying their time off and spending it how they want; I’ve been lucky with having so much time to devote to drawing, writing, and painting! I fancy character sketching the most, but sometimes I get a little over-zealous looking for the right references to add to the overall look. I spent quite some time scouring a Victorian reproduction sales catalogue before finding just the right brooch to hold a character’s puff tie in place, but it looks lovely, granted slightly modified. (I added to it and slightly changed the jewels and colour scheme.) The original piece is a reproduction of a Civil War mourning brooch, and the symbolism of one’s “loved one [reaching his/her] heavenly reward,” as the catchy description provided states, hopped up in down, waving its arms for me. Alas, but such time will be soon spent on more pertinent things!
('Artistic' interpretation of the brooch I threw together using Flash)
Getting back into the proverbial grind of homework will be a change from hours of shading and checking proportions, but I’m looking forward to several (read: most, if not all) of my classes, especially the tutorial I have with Shannon on children’s fiction! I also can’t wait to see what my German nonfiction class with Herr Wolber will be like! German 361, the German Novella course with Herr Kremling, was a lot of fun, and I’m going to miss not having it every Tuesday and Thursday.

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