Monday, December 4, 2006

Guten Tag!

Greetings all! I suppose an introduction is merited, no matter how brief or elaborate, eh? I'm Courtney, one of the new bloggers here at OWU! I'm majoring in German and something else (perhaps creative writing!), but I have a rather wide and random scope of interests. (Anyone else out there a Chester A. Arthur fan?) I'm a rabid member of M.A.R.R.C.A., which is OWU's outstanding sword club. We practice medieval and renaissance style sword techniques as well as doing some work with rondels, a dagger-like blade that you use just for stabbing. We don’t use real blades though! Really! We have beautiful wooden ones made by our own smithy, the lovely Sam! It’s so much fun, running about, strategizing, and learning to master 8-point! We love it when newcomers stop by, so stop by and say hello sometime on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday at five in the park across from the Women’s House and MFL house! Until I get my digital camera I’ll just have to put up some photos I happen to have taken during a practice for my upcoming Myth, Legends, and Folklore project.
Sunday my good friend Shannon hosted a prospective student, but since she’s in choir, she couldn’t show her around until after the choir concert! So we wandered about Deleware, viewing all the important sights, such as the Mean Bean and famed sulfur spring until the concert. I wasn’t really sure what to expect going in, but I was more than pleasantly surprised! If ever you get the chance to see the choir perform live, jump to it! It’s truly hard to explain how enjoyable the entire show was. I only wish the organ had gotten more play time, but then again I’m a dreadfully big fan of that organ. I love hearing it nearly every Tuesday and Thursday during my German class, its powerful, gusty notes drifting up to swirl amongst my notes on der Gruene and von Stoffeln! Wonderful. Truly wonderful.


Selby :-) said...

i'm glad you liked the concert! and yeah, the organ is crazy amazing.

Nick said...

Woo I'm on Courtney's blog.

Anonymous said...

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