Friday, December 15, 2006

Harold Godwinson, Viking, Held a Bridge Alone, Slaying 44 Men Before Someone on a Boat Below Could Spear Him, Allowing his Allies to Ready Themselves

Egads! I've taken my first university exam and now I have the second in just a few short hours! CHAOS! At least once that's out of the way most everything else should be fun. (Is it sacrilidge that I referred to taking an exam as being fun??)

M.A.R.R.C.A. (a.k.a. "sword club") held its last meeting for the semester on thursday, and it was a blast. Anyone not attending missed out on one of the best days yet! We had another "Zombie Day" like we did for Hallowween to celebrate the holiday season. One "zombie" is declared and draws from a hat the method that must be used to kill him or her while the humans group together and wonder what the bit of paper has written on it, because none of us have ever seen it before. It's rather tricky! Susan acted as our first zombie since she knew all of the papers(she wrote most of them.) We managed to disarm her and all of the zombies she managed to make(being killed by a zombie turns you into one.) We milled around for a while, failing miserably at figuring out how to kill her, and eventually everything went bad and no humans remained. As the rounds continued, the humans experienced more success, but it was still a blast running about. I was elected to be the first zombie for one round, but my death choice was a rather simple one, so I only managed to kill off Ross before being surrounded by death. Ross is an excellent first choice to kill, by the way, and he managed to turn most everyone into a zombie all on his own. :) Huzzah victory! Some of the papers read thusly, for those curious: you die if...
"you're killed by anyone that is not Ross or Kyle"(amazing when only Ross and another person are alive!)
"you are attacked by two or more people"
"you are wearing black. tough luck, that's the way it is."
and one even just killed you right out. I'm glad I didn't grab that one. :)

I also get to borrow two of the club swords due to the lack of meetings between now and my exam in folklore next week! Yay! They're so well crafted that I can't help but admire them now that I have time to actually look at their craftsmanship more closely. I can't wait to use them for the presentation, especially since I'm planning on teaching David a new technique I worked out with Michele. David is a MARRCA member that is conveniently in my class, which makes it much easier to swing a sword at him in compare to trying to get a non-member to cooperate without being at least a little concerned for his or her life! (Wooden swords can be rather intemedating when someone is swinging one at you with a death-stare, especially when you're not as experienced as the other person is.)

(Due to a continued lack of a digetal camera, I felt compelled to share this German comic by Joscha Sauer with you; it's about Yetis synchronized swimming! =] )


Mery said...

I love how your blog post titles all sound like history textbook chapters. it amuses me. :) hope you're enjoying your break courtney

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