Tuesday, January 23, 2007

On a Pirate Ship, the Loss of an Eye was Worth 100 Pieces of Eight, Left Arms and Legs were Worth 500, and the Right Arm 600

Week two of the second semester commences, and the excitement has yet to end!
My classes are going well, and I have plenty of reading to keep myself busy highlighting and jotting notes down. I’m rather excited about several of the projects that I have coming up, like my German translating one. I get to choose a text (with Professor Wolber’s approval) and translate it; at the moment I’m looking into doing something for sword club if I can get the right texts together. I was originally considering something from a man named Talhoffer, but a lot of his work is relatively easy to find already translated; I’m hoping to find something that we can’t find anywhere else. (And then I have to hope that it’s in high German and not the old German, which is practically an entirely different language!)
While awaiting the new cameras for the OWU bloggers, I have been allowed to borrow an older camera from the Admissions Office. Therefore, picture fun had to ensue. Shan, Selbs, and I had a great time in Welch cafeteria dining, taking photos, and talking on our BananaPhones. Dinner is honestly never a bore when one has friends along!

Last Friday MARRCA threw a surprise birthday party for club president Susan! Happy 22nd, Susan! In the basement of Welch several members set up a lovely amount of balloons, streamers, and general happy bright party-ness! We played pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, and apples to apples. Susan even got to destroy a head-shaped piƱata! A while after she blew out the candles of her beautiful cake, the pizza faerie showed up! He performed a short pizza faerie dance after demanding a signature for delivering the pizza. Overall the night was outstanding; cards were played, cake and candy were consumed, party-favours were given all around, and faces were even painted. We became Susan’s own army of Wodes! She did a lovely job of painting all of us, and I rather loved my green face paint lattice work and mustache. Sadly, the picture I have doesn’t really show my face paint at all. Most of us were about until around twelve thirty, and the last of us filtered out around one.
Otherwise my weekend was fairly low-key; I read for my English course and cleaned (!!!) the room a bit; I’ve been compulsively sweeping up the floor of late for no good reason whatsoever. My pile of class books is calling to be organized soon, but reading out of several of them at once prevents me from finding an organizational system I like as of yet.

The following are all from Susan’s birthday celebration! Pictures include party hits such as the Wode warriors, Susan blowing out her candles, and the remains of the pinata head!


Anonymous said...

Hi Courtney! I love reading your blogs and your pictures are great. I got admitted to Ohio Wesleyan and I am waiting to hear from some other schools too.

Courtney OWU said...

Hallo, Jenny! That sounds great! I'm glad you enjoy my blog! If you haven't had a visit here yet, I'd be happy to have a cup of tea/coffee with you if you stopped by! Best of luck with your university search(I recall how stressful that can be!!)

~ Courtney