Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Faber-Castell sells the so-titled “Perfect Pencil” for 9 000 Euro. A deal, no?

Things I should be doing:

- German presentation on Faber-Castell (PowerPoint, no length specified! Yay only having one day for the class to present?) [edit: I love knowing how to make a classy PowerPoint fast when it’s a simple presentation on a classy company.]

- study for exams… yay

- Cultural Geography presentation- class version (20 minutes of me babbling on about Haiti with a focuss on Voodoun to a powerpoint that currently is not a little far from being impressive. Or done. Or existing much, for that matter.)

- get that book out and look it over… meaning study for exams.

- Cultural Geography final exam take-home test thing which involves a lot of pecking at keys. Might want to get on that, yeah.

- my first exam-exam is on Monday night. 7:30 PM. I should probably think about that.

- that massive “short” paper for German. (If 12-ish pages is short, but considering my topic it’s not really so bad… It just seems bigger, even when you have a nice chunk of it done already with a lot left to say. Thank you Faber for having such a long history and not releasing many numbers having to do with your business?) Mostly just blah of dealing with word thinking I am incapable of spelling anything and everything.

- I’m sure I’m forgetting something, and am too comfortable with my tea to bother with buggering about my schedule board thing that is the God of All Things Important That Are Due And/Or Coming Up. I love my GoATITADA/OCU. Keeps me sane when I can see a trip with my Oma not soon after all the angry fluorescent orange of tests and papers. But I digress. Oh, yes, and the Modern Foreign Language picnic is this Thursday. I can’t miss that. Very important! …it just got crowded out by the panic of my presentations, so.

Things I am doing:

- Doing a poor job of convincing myself that it is not time for me to sketch something.
- Typing this. Which is semi-productive, so yay?
- Listening to weird music with a beat. The beat is important to getting and staying on task!!
- Wondering at the popularity of some shows and how they ever managed to get on the television in the first place… that sort of thing sells, one supposes, and all of my roommates never miss it, so…
- Worrying about trimming my new acacia bonsai. And worrying about said bonsai being hit with a ball as one of my roommates practices juggling. Including kick-tricks.
- Feeling overwhelmed, as always, with the last few weeks
- Wondering if the above comment is worth my time, but knowing it cannot be helped
- Drinking tea. Always. Right now it is cold and supposedly green. Maybe a hot one later.
- Being a tea-snob and mentally complaining about the Welch room that stores their tea on the windowsill, which is a terrible storage place. I’ll spare you the details.
- Needing to finish this so that I can get back to doing something that will help reduce, at least in theory, the panic of these last few days.

German Wordness: Der perfeckte Bleistift!! ‘The perfect pencil’, and for so little? I swear Faber is just giving them away. I also read an article that their world’s largest pencil may have been beaten by a few feet. I wonder if they would send out German ninja (because such beings exist) to draw the world’s largest caricature and then erase it so that the pencil would shrink in size, allowing the Faber Bleistift to remaian der groesste Bleistift der Welt. I also contemplated them just breaking the lead, but that’s not nearly half as exciting.

It snowed here last night? What? Ohio is in the wind tunnel. And by Thursday it will be 70* again and no one need worry. Anyway, spring is in full fling, making campus gorgeous and delightfully smelly, in both good and bad ways. (see [or should I say smell?]: lilac bushes [our campus has a lovely range of lilac colours; everything from white to lilac to maroon to an antiqued pink!!] and crab apple trees. Beautiful trees, but not so easy on the nose when the wind picks up.)

Aforementioned acacia tree with obligatory kimono with fan design as a backdrop.

...and then it became startlingly clear to everyone why the university had bothered to keep such gnarled and deformed beings around.


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Courtney OWU said...

Hey, J,

It's interesting to meet someone with the gift of starting a conversation with a total stranger that sounds like we were just in the middle of it during a cozy chat the other evening.
Unfortunately I do not recall the site you were supposedly talking about, so, instead, I'll take a lesson from you and say that I already found the site and got my check in the mail yesterday. Didn't I tell you?

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