Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day is just another scam thought up by the card companies!! ....wait....

Earth Day was this week, and I am so on top of things that I still cannot tell anyone with 100% certainty which day it fell on. I have a guess that I’d be willing to bet a modest amount on, but little better. I, however, do not remorse this inability to identify days, because as far as I’m concerned every day should be earth day. (And I planted out six trees over the weekend and got two new ones in the mail, so not really feeling guilty about it.)
The university (I’m not sure of specifically what organizations or bits of it, but people associated with OWU, anyway) planted a few trees, including three red-buds and a buckeye, and possibly one other that I have not investigated closely enough to identify. This was heartening, as the university had several trees cut down, for what reasons I do not know, so I thought to myself that they were around one-up from where they were, calculating it out. And then I noticed the stump and piles of saw dust where the campus’s only larch tree was once located. No idea what they were thinking there… alright, it did look a little wonky, but it was an older tree with character, and the only larch on campus! At least it dropped enough pinecones to hopefully yield at least one larch that I can plant in its honour. (I’m bordering on Werther-level here, I know, but at least I’m doing something about it and not going to cry to Lotte about it before wandering about in the night like a wolf. Oh, Werther.)

German Word: Why would I use the verb ermorden, meaning ‘to murder’ for this week’s word? I wonder. (Werther, I know, I know. He should have just planted another walnut tree and made sure it survived. Honestly. Any nature-freak like that should at least put some effort into it.)


I'm so cool, I know, finding a large carp in the Delaware Run. There's a lot of these fellows in there, though.

Not labeled: how horrible my hand writing is. And, yes, that buckeye tree is smiling. He's happy to see you.

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