Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Every single word emanates from the heart, and is not just uttered by the mouth."

And yet again an oddly warm spell crosses Ohio, leaving many with dreams of spring as it tempts with its odd January warmth… All day today has felt like early spring, and even the damp and slightly chilly breeze couldn’t ruin the warmer temperatures, but after days in the single digits, I don’t see how they ever could entertain thoughts of doing so anyway.
Week three, and the quizzes have already begun. Ah, to be back into the grind again! At least the geology one was fun, as I had the chance to do the utra-professional student action of doodling a sea monster next to one of the questions. But, then again, I had extra time, and the question did have a lighthearted intention about it, so I think my cute, angry giant squid-like monster at least has some justification, if only a little. Next I get to look forward to a geography quiz, but that’s Thursday, so no need to stress tonight!

Tomorrow I get to sit about wondering if I’ll tutor anyone again, but I’m also to find out if my hours need modified… Two students in one of the mid-level courses are interested in having tutoring available but are unable to come during my current times, so I may have to shift things about, and of course right after I got used to the time! But I kid; it’s no big deal, really. The only bother is that I’ve enjoyed being able to wait for the lunch rather than trying to shove myself into the mass of fifty people trying to buy lunch where only about 15 can do so comfortably… So if I move things up too much, I shall have to locate a helm and hope for the best.

German Word: Stars are Sterne and the clear skies of late have offered a slendid view of them, and even Orion was cool enough to appear!

Still searching for interesting angles to take shots of University Hall at; I love the tower, but it’s always the star.

Welcome to Ohio Wesleyan, where buildings sometimes have random hallways with murals on them.

We talked about cool old maps like the on e below during cultural geography. Isn’t that exciting?

Maybe dualism like we discussed during philosophy. This picture is right out of our book!


Anonymous said...

I suggest waffles and pancakes.

With butter on them, of course.

Courtney OWU said...

Now would this be with or without the fancy fruit and powdered sugars?