Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Aristotle, who considered himself a geographer and not a philosopher, tutored Alexander the Great

Second week in, and the first official week as far as I’m concerned, particularly since my schedule has changed!! Tai chi was cancelled (again…unfortunately…and I still miss it), so instead of doing that, I’m using the timeslot for my German tutoring. (Did I mention that I’m going to be tutoring German for the Modern Foreign Language Department yet…? I’ve a terrible memory for these things, and it was unofficial for a while, but I am! Not a ton of hours, not a ton of pay, but just enough to have something on the side, and I get to tutor German!! Which is a lot of fun! Sadly my services have not yet been called upon, but classes haven’t been back very long yet.)

Besides this excitement, I’m getting close to my textbooks, as they finally arrived!! So, a week in, I now get to play reading catch-up! It’s a fun game, particularly when one has two paid hours to play it during when no one shows up to ask how to say ‘to dance’ in past tense. I get easily distracted, however, as the Japanese tutors have already had several customers, and I must admit to having a liking for the language, so I start paying attention to that and talking with them a bit rather than reading up on whatever I happen to have on hand. I’ve thought of maybe taking Japanese here, but I’d really like to learn Finnish. (Yes, I am that random. No, I’m not going to explain why right now.)

…And we still haven’t gotten to the archery range. Which is frankly depressing. Particularly since our impressive group of eight was turned sadly away when Chuck revealed that his indoor system had a virus and was awaiting a medic via mail. Ah, soon, one hopes, soon….

German Word:

Hear the roar of Grey Chapel! …or maybe not.

Snow clinging to campus, desperate to remain in control this winter!

I originally was trying to catch some of the steam that was coming from our heating system in a pic with these trees, but the wind foiled me, and thusly my attempts at being ‘artsy’ failed more miserably than usual.

I’m probably very weird for being obsessed with this door and wanting someone to dress up as Martin Luther and nail his 95 Theses to the door… If only because it doesn’t really even look a lot like a church, and that’s just a weird thought in general, but yeah. It’s still a cool building.


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