Monday, August 13, 2007

‘I’m Into Something Good,’ the Herman’s Hermits Debut Single, Made Peter Noone the Youngest UK Male Vocalist to Reach a No. 1 Spot

I am, probably ironically, one of a handful of college students that has never really attended any concerts, and granted one could still have a heavy argument against my claiming the relatively modest concert I just attended not being a ‘concert’ at all, really. It is the first that I’ve been to where I’ve actually heard of the band beforehand, and I’ve been rather excited in an extraordinarily dorky fashion that involved a lot of bobbing about to ‘I’m Henry the VIII, I Am!’ Herman’s Hermits indeed played a concert, outdoors, on a stage that shook under the vehement beatings of drum and high-kicking guitarist, and I must admit to having enjoyed it quite a lot. I’m not exactly up-to-date on what music stars of today are causing teens to have minor heart attacks, but I do know that Peter Noone, lead singer for the Hermits, caused more than a few coronary failures in his own teens, and still seems to have more than a few rabid fans even as he’s pushing into his sixties. (Side Note: Proof of still-rabid fans can be found in the woman from England that spent most of the concert yelling at Peter, trying to sing, causing him to give her a water bottle to serve as a microphone in hopes of hushing her up, and in the fellow standing near me who kept insisting the drummer throw him a stick every few minutes, even after being told that he just had to wait a minute.)

Concerts of varying sizes drift in and out of the OWU campus, but I’m rather sure none of them have involved a long sing-a-long spelling of H-E-N-R-Y while an aged rock star cheers you on, insisting that it’s the best rendition of the song he’s heard in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, though it has been done better near there, and I'm not sure how well that would go over with the college crowd nowadays anyway. But Mr. Noone did a brilliant job of keeping his concert engaging and amusing, cracking jokes on everything from the Columbus airport to the fact that one’s hindquarters creep up an inch a year once one reaches a certain age, which makes accessing one’s wallet only a matter of reaching to the shoulder. Brilliant overall, and I still love how he insisted that the group I attend the concert with not clap before he got on stage, citing that they ‘might be rubbish,’ but if that was rubbish, I honestly can’t wait to see a genuine concert.

German Word: Some music words auf Deutsch can be tricky, but just add a dash of accent and change of spelling in a few cases, and you’re gold. Musik is fairly self explanatory; just give a mild moo when saying the ‘mu’ bit. Konzert is just about as clear, with only two letters changing up from the English.

Pictures! Taking decent pictures at a concert is tricky business, particularly when one’s camera gets very grumpy with bad lighting, people moving at all, and with distance between the camera and its subject exceeding about four feet.

So here's the stage from behind.

The band rocking out once Peter removed his jacket, grinning about how not many British rock stars his age could do a concert without a jacket on the whole time due to fat. And, no, that's not fat; that's his butt.

I managed to catch this high-kick in action! That shiny line thing near his head is his foot!

Peter Noone and I just as he finished off signing an old "Hold On!" album for me. Super nice fellow in person; he loves to joke.


Lynne said...

I'm glad you had a nice time seeing Peter Noone, I'm taking my sister to his concert in Baltimore, MD on Nov 30th. It's a British Invasion Concert, should be fun. We're OLD, it's nice to know that Peter Noone still has "IT"!

Courtney OWU said...

Peter is indeed amazing, and I hope that you have an oustanding time with your sister!! Old or no, Peter still rocks socks and stockings alike!