Saturday, July 5, 2008

Iceland has some of the world's highest levels of economic freedoms as well as civil freedoms

This week has been busy, with running about everywhere and the fourth of July. We went to the fireworks show up in Mount Vernon, where they were also holding their monthly car show. The turn out wasn’t large, but it was an enjoyable time, as we had brought along our 88 year old neighbor Ed, who talked our collective ears off with his endearing stories of the endless number of things he’s done. I personally was treated to a tale involving a dog, a Jeep, Boston, and the Navy boat Ed was on. I believe ice cream was somehow involved with all of this, but I find that I’m getting nearly as muddled with the details of all of his stories as he is. He may have enjoyed the spectacular fireworks more than anyone else there, so I’m pleased that we were able to give a lonely old fellow a nice time.

German Word: Island is Iceland, Grönland is Greenland, and the US is usually just referred to as Amerika, USA (ooo es ah), or die Vereinigte Staaten.

I gave bonsai a more official attempt recently, so behold the results!

Another attempt at growing a lotus; the frogs and fish keep destroying them!

Our neighbor Ed, looking cute after a day of working about his yard.

I would also like to add that having Icelandic pop songs stuck in ones head is intereting.

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