Sunday, June 8, 2008

There are about 70 species of water lilies around the world

So this week Ohio has been back to being as ADD about weather as usual, causing to me shelf my sweatshirts again in favour of T-shirts and the like. Although temps in the low to mid nineties aren’t horrid, it’s been sticky, but my concern isn’t for myself as much for our small fish pond; the fish can sunburn or be cooked alive, which would not be good. So we’re looking into more ways of shading it. (Pergola, anyone?) The plants are thriving, though, with our water hyacinth and water lettuce making lovely comebacks after looking down from the nights in the thirties. Our first lily of the year bloomed as well, white and especially nice to see since this particular lily had not bloomed for us at all yet. (The one that bloomed last year has two flowers nearly ready to bloom, which will be beautiful!)
My aunt from South Carolina has come to visit this week. Mundane sounding, relatives visiting, I know. But, with her help, I should be able to finish off the Hakama (traditional Japanese pants. Google it.) They have pleats in them, and I have no idea how to work with doing the final one or two steps despite how simple they may be. She’s a pro at sewing, so she’ll point me in the right direction.
I’m also wanting to start a few other art projects soon… I’m itching to try out a few techniques for working with Sculpey that I found online through making a figure of my own, and I’ve been mulling over a few ideas for drawings that I haven’t gotten around to yet. Perhaps I can get on that during the hotter weather and sneak out to water my garden when the sun is not likely to turn me to dust like so many Draculas.

German Word: “Water lily” can be translated as Wasserlilie or Seerose. Interestingly, Seerose directly (literally) translates into sea or lake rose.

Some shots of the recent lily blooming in our pond.

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