Thursday, December 6, 2007

The traditional day for St. Nick's Day is the night of Dec. 5, when he'd drop gifts in children's shoes or leave coal. Also check out Krampus.

Apologies for the total lack of updates for so long! Things got a bit crazy before Thanksgiving break, and having multiple exams and papers (sometimes on the same day) make things ever so fun and exciting, particularly when one becomes ill at the start of the week. Still enjoying coughing spats from that on occasion. Luckily I have plenty of work in our last two weeks to keep me company through the joy of pseudo-illness, which is never fun all alone.
In my English course we’ve been working with Milton’s Paradise Lost, which I adore, and might even beat Spenser’s Faerie Queene, which I had not a little fun reading. It’s always heartening to know that not all of the literature one is required to read for classes isn’t as dreary and tedious as it often may seem! Things in-class are shifting to finishing PL off and looking towards review for our exam and also our large, semester-long projects. We’re each compiling our own poetry anthology with a variety of texts based on a theme of our own choosing, which has been an interesting experience, as we must ‘get off the tour bus’ as Dr. Prindle puts it. This involves us poking about online and in books other than the text we’re using in class to find lesser-known texts that will really shine. I’m working an angle with weaponry and swords (surprise, surprise), and I’m so far using familiar things like Hamlet all the way to obscure things and sword manuals one would rarely commonly read anywhere outside of interest groups.
Archery has been going very well as well; we’ve been going just about weekly, with only a few exceptions. A few new people from the dozen or so that responded with interest have gotten to go with us, which is always a lot of fun, if only to see what interesting ways with which they attempt to nock their arrows. (One would be surprised, trust me.) Chuck, the proprietor, has unofficially adopted us and is beyond amazing when it comes to helping us out. It is beyond words how amazing he is. If you have any bow, gun, or hunting needs, go see him at Delaware Sports Center on 36/37.

German Word: Kaese is cheese. What? Exactly.

Bartok, a resident King of Cute on campus. He belongs to someone in a SLU, I think, but no feeding him or letting him in the dorms! Forbidden!!

Yes, my aloe has grown unspeakably huge. I’ve had him for a year, and I think he’s tripled or more in size.

A rainy day on campus… it was so lovely out! I love walking about campus in the rain; it’s gorgeous. Now it’s covered in snow and slush and ice and more slush. Not as fun as the rain.

Straight out the glass roof of Ham Will… it was such a nice day. =)

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