Friday, July 27, 2007

Koi are Considered Lucky in Japan, and Symbolize Love and Harmony

Although my last entries may imply that all I’ve been up to of late is reading and going to films, this is not quite true. My family (read: my mum) got the idea that we needed a small fish pond complete with little waterfall in our backyard area, so it fell to my father and myself to design and build the thing, which included not a few shovelfuls of clay on ninety-degree days. (That was a joy, let me tell you.) But, at long last, we’ve managed to dig out a kidney, cover it in the necessary plastic, fill it with the necessary waters, coat it in necessary rock, and finally add a water lily and five amazing fish, all of whom I’m naming. We also ended up with a freeloading frog, who is absolutely a delight to watch swimming about and lounging on the lily pads, but my father insisted on naming either him or one of the fish the ever-so eloquent name of ‘Bubba,’ and I relented, not wanting a graceful fantail goldfish to endure such a lovely title.
Recently the Good Guy’s car show rolled through Columbus, filling central Ohio’s roads with classic cars from several decades of old. Though I did not make it down to the official event, my family and a few family friends did go down to enjoy the evening of cruising that occurs on Saturday night. The police were out in full force, but a few of the car hobbyists still could not resist showing off their rides with a few burnouts and screeches from tires, which gained them a quick ticket in addition to the cheers from the people-packed streets.
Car fans and anyone looking for an excuse to come and see Ohio Wesleyan’s beautiful campus should be sure not to miss out on this Saturday, seeing as the annual Delaware car show will be rolling into town, filling campus with cars that I’m sure not a few professors could fondly recall driving in their own college days. I’ll be making the event, and I highly suggest at least a short gawk at the cars, if only to relish the oddity of seeing Grey Chapel sitting solemnly behind cars with names like ‘Sha-Boom’ that fling flames.

German Word: Since we got a pond, it’s important to know what those cute scaly things swimming about in it are! Fisch means fish in the singular and is pronounced the same, but to talk about multiple fish, one says Fische (fish + uh ). If one has a happy little frog, he is a Frosch, which is pronounced as it appears.


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