Sunday, June 17, 2007

The First Father’s Day in America was Held in 1908 in West Virginia and was Inspired by a Mine Explosion

Happy father’s day to all! Today I spent time with my own father at a car show, and even though his ’69 Chevelle SS 396 won no trophy we still had a nice time. Over two hundred cars showed up, ranging from the oldest of models to a Batmobile! Other than the sweltering heat and lack of natural shade where we were things went well; we saw many a nice car and the normal car show sort of activities (talking, sitting about looking at cars, watching people drool dangerously close to said cars, and munching on a variety of the normal picnic food stuffs.) My favourite car shows still have to be the Dream Cruise in Michigan and the one held annually in Delaware, though, since one is allowed to actually circle about the area in one’s ride. Sandusky Street covered in classic car goodness is rather awesome, so I’ll be sure to give that proper ‘journalistic’ attention.
Anyway, going back to some of the courses that I’ve selected for my third Ohio Wesleyan semester, I’m finally hopping into one of the many physical education classes offered. OWU has everything from ballroom dancing to yoga, and about fifty other things in between, but I opted for tai chi. I’m hoping to improve my horrible balance(although falling so often has turned me into somewhat of a pro at it; I don’t know how many people can fall down stairs gracefully, but I believe that I’ve done it more than a few times.) I also know a few people that have taken tai chi here, and they seem to have loved it, so I certainly can’t miss out on that.

German Word: Auto and Wagon (simply pronounced ‘auto’ and ‘vagon’) are both ways of saying car or automobile. Straigt-forward, no? The only part one has to watch out for is the gender assigned to these nouns, since Auto is neutral (das) and Wagon is masculine (der). My personal favourite way of referring to a car, particularly an older model, I picked up during my one-month stay in Germany a few years ago; the father of the family I was staying with excitedly pointed out a classic car and declared ‘Oldie!!’ with one of the most amazing accents ever.

Pictures: Just some automobile goodness.

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