Wednesday, February 14, 2007

St. Valentine Was A Bishop In The Late Third Century That Was Matyred When He Refused To Deny Christ And Was Therefore Beheaded

OWU actually CLOSED today! Afternoon and evening classes/events were cancelled yesterday, but no classes at all today! So yay, I finally have time to update! I think it’s a lovely Valentine’s gift for the university to give all the students~ a snow day. The snow is gorgeous here, and I have several pictures that I felt very tourist-esq taking. (Not many students try to get just the right angle of Grey Chapel while trying to keep moving with the flow of people and not drop anything!)
The sidewalks were pretty bad yesterday and this morning (for obvious reasons), but things are looking a lot nicer out on them now. It’s hard to get all of the sidewalks clear and safe for students, but usually they’ve been very clear and easy to traverse thanks to the groundskeepers. It’s still cold out though, so I’m staying in here to drink tea and get some reading done.
Later tonight a few of my friends are getting together to watch a film or two, so that should prove exciting. (I’m hoping for a comedy or action film or something other than the romantic comedies that most of them are so fond of… I’m doubting I could convince them to watch Schindler’s List or something like I Heart Huckabees today, but one can dream!)
Last Friday I was able to go to Professor Olmstead’s special reading of an exert from his upcoming novel Coal Black Horse. I’m glad a good amount of people showed up to listen; the reading was excellent and well worth the lunch hour sacrifice to attend it. I’m really looking forward to the Poet Laureate of the United States coming that Professor Olmstead keeps mentioning as well; that will be on the twenty-third for those interested!
I also got to go out for tea with my grandmother this weekend! We had a great time; the tea shop we went to, Aunt Ivy’s in Sunbury, is very good, and the white tea we had was excellent. (Not my favourite white tea, I must confess, but the smooth taste of Emperor’s White is hard to beat at all!)

German Word of the Day: der Schnee (think ‘dare sh-knee’) This one is fairly simple; it means snow. Snow is weiss (like ‘vice’), or white, and when it’s snowing, es schneit (along the lines of ‘es sh-knight’).

I considered labeling this first picture something seemingly witty like “SnOWU”, but thought better of it due to the obvious cheesiness. Yet I still mentioned it… hm….

Slocum Hall is rather beauteous in the snow; I now regret not going in to take some pictures of the snow on the stained glass roof there; that’s one of my personal favourite pieces of architecture on campus.

Ham-Will looks impressive in any weather.

I see this every day from my window. I am glad that my view isn’t bad!

The tree branches one can see in the bottom left are from one of my favourite trees; it’s nestled next to the back part of Thomson, and I have several pictures of it that I will spare you from. On a random note, it had a pair of shorts in it for several years until my friends Shannon, Selby, and Amy took up an effort to remove them. Washed and free, Shannon plans to wear them as soon as the weather allows again.

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